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She s half dressed. She overturned again

She s half dressed. She overturned again

She s half dressed. She overturned again

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    She s half dressed. She overturned again
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    Falling dust
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    Wine Novel
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2021-11-24 15:47:51
In order to save his short-lived sweetheart, Lausanne traveled between ghost gate, mortal world and fairy valley Shifu said she wanted to collect Qi. She accepted the entrustment of the complaining spirit just to break the resentment in the complaining spirit's heart and let her sweetheart come back to life earlier the first one mainly killed white lotus and heartless Han alas, heartless man, how did you kill the white lotus? What can I do with my entrustment OK, wish is gone the second host she hasn't done it yet, and the ungrateful man is gone OK, the wish is gone again the third host, the same fate, the same rollover. She is a half immortal, but she wants to collect some Qi. This is hindering the way of the immortals. She even overturned repeatedly. Don't half immortals deserve sweet love?

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