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TNT: Super a sister can t carry it

TNT: Super a sister can t carry it

TNT: Super a sister can t carry it

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    TNT: Super a sister can t carry it
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    Lin Yalian
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    Lava Novel
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2021-11-23 19:46:16
In today's society, with the rapid development of network media, the entertainment circle has increasingly become a place to enjoy dividends. New people continue to join this circle and some people continue to quit however, behind the bonus are all kinds of irresponsible and even illegal behaviors. I believe many young love beans have experienced the same problem - illegitimate problems< Br> use unscrupulous divisive tactics to ID private fans, private lives, hotels, home addresses, and personal identities such as ID number and mobile phone number. They are proud of their participation in the private life of idols. Br > for such a group of people, we evaluate it as: there is a pit in the brain - JIANG Jinqiao slowly spit out a mouthful of turbid gas What have these children experienced Why do such people exist they don't deserve to be human to hurt with the slogan of love is more chilling than the abuse of blood now that she has reached the peak of the times and sits in the office of the legal adviser of the times youth league, she should be responsible for these children. Their elder martial brother has now gone to the world. There are others to escort them. She doesn't need to worry about it. All she has to do is do everything she can in this post, and do her best to protect these children so that their future will not be disturbed without much thought, Jiang Jinqiao held song Yaxuan's hand. The boy's hands were white, tender and slender, and passed to her cool temperature through her skin. "Xiao Song, from today on, don't be afraid. My sister will help you solve it, I promise."

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