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Miss three, she just wants to subdue demons

Miss three, she just wants to subdue demons

Miss three, she just wants to subdue demons

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    Miss three, she just wants to subdue demons
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It's said that the third Niang of the Xie family was born in a beautiful country, but her brain is a little abnormal they talk all day and beat eight foot men in the street today she cried out to marry the son of her father's political enemy tomorrow she confesses that she will not marry a nine grade official a few days later, she put on her red wedding dress and went to the Jinluan hall to marry the prospective queen the red flame in Xie Wuyou's eyes leaped, and he grasped the spell in his hand, and the long rope circled and danced around his body the slender finger points to the person at the highest place, and the sound is like a silver bell: "your emperor is a monster. I am the only one in the world who can fall. Never?" the handsome emperor, like the God of heaven, holds her little hand and dotes in her eyes: "OK, I've followed you." Reading Guide: 1 there were many private articles on catching demons in ancient times 2 men and women have three positive views, go in two directions and redeem each other 3 the full text is always free and never cut to the text 4 Shuangjie he.

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