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The weak way deceives the sky

The weak way deceives the sky

The weak way deceives the sky

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    The weak way deceives the sky
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    Bamboo Southern candle
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    The One Book
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2022-01-12 10:09:09
Seven feet of white clothes stained with blood, and a sword slaughtered yanshiqiu she is the imperial daughter of the Xia Dynasty buried in a sea of blood. She is also an invincible jade faced army fairy during the invasion of foreign troops. She is the successor of the Xia Dragon Seal and a predestined person waiting for thousands of dead souls falling into the abyss... ask the common people, return the way to the common people, and hold the way to the common people women and children, old and weak, can be repaired the way of life is the way of life there is everything in the world except this way this is a way to protect the weak and the good when picking immortals to seek Tao for all living beings, the general trend does not allow, and the way of heaven does not protect there is no rebirth, only desperate and difficult survival if you lose your memory, you should try your best to become stronger there are many images in this book, such as bad villains, teachers who blow up the sky, brain mending genius coffin essence, the one who chases his wife's crematorium and the one who drives with his eyes... welcome to my immortal Xia world!

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